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I spent Monday with Claudette, Ellie, Scott and Jeff (sorry Jeff if you’re a Geoff, I forgot to ask) filming with my GP, (Dr. Leigh Grant) and then driving (if you’re a nervous driver like me, having a camera in your face is NOT fun!), and then we went to see Dr. Bryce Wylde…and of course, more filming.

Dr. Bryce is, of course, a veteran of TV so he’s totally cool with the whole TV experience.  In fact, he’s even better than the rest of us because he’s a veternan of live TV (if you don’t know, he now has his own show on Thursday’s at 5 pm on CP24),  rather than the re-take, re-take of not-live TV (so we had a giggle during filming).

However, on to the important stuff.  Dr. Bryce didn’t have all the test results when we started (as we’d hoped) but they came through during the filming, which was kind of cool on it’s own.  However, those results were scary.   So many result right in the middle of the “normal range” and so many WAY outside the normal range.  Dr.  Bryce was very pleased with the results…I think they backed up what he already thought…so they solidified what he wanted me to do next.

The next step is another supplment called L-Tyrosine, as well as a homeopathic substance called Cuprum Metallica 1M (Boiron).  If that doesnt work, the next trial is a derivative of ….wait for it…poison ivy!  Having accidentally sat down in poison ivy as a child (thankfully with no affect), I have some trepidation about a poison ivy derivative…but if that what it takes…I’m in!

So, we go on from here.  Oh, and for the record, the gastro-intestinal side effects are now under control.  But sleep is still problematic.  Last night wasn’t too bad…I think I woke up at 4:30, but I did go back to sleep.    And there were no twitchies Monday night.   Since then it’s been better…not so twitchy and somewhat better sleep…not all the way through the night, but better.

So, we’ll see if the Cuprum and the Tyrosine work.  I’ll keep you posted.



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