Yikes! This has not been a good weekend!

Boy, I thought last week was bad but this weekend has been dreadful.  Made it to the cottage on Friday night, no problem.   Don’t even remember twitchies on Friday night, but sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up and thought “did I just have a back twitch?  I haven’t had one ofContinue reading “Yikes! This has not been a good weekend!”

Well what a strange week this has been (or from the Sublime to the Ridiculous)!

Monday night of the Victoria Day weekend we were driving home from the cottage…late…and when I finished reading my book, I thought…”hmmm, my legs aren’t doing anything”.  I waited…and waited…I felt the familiar pulling in my shin, but nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I couldn’t believe it.  Didn’t even have to uncross and recross my legs!  IContinue reading “Well what a strange week this has been (or from the Sublime to the Ridiculous)!”

Made it to the cottage last night!

After last Sunday’s trip home from the cottage, I was somewhat concerned about yesterday’s trip to the cottage, but I needn’t have been.  Made it all the way without a single twitch.  I saw this as a very good start to the weekend. But it all came crashing to an end just after 9 pm. Continue reading “Made it to the cottage last night!”

Well, they did improve for a while…

It started on Sunday on the way home from the cottage.  That annoying feeling that my right leg just had to move.  I think it had been at least 10 days…maybe even 2 weeks…since I’d had that horrible feeling.  But there it was and it was not going to be ignored.  Nor was it goingContinue reading “Well, they did improve for a while…”

Things are improving!

I’ve been taking the homeopathic dilution (cuprum metallica) now since April 22nd and although I’ve forgotten a few doses, things seem to have improved.  In fact, the twitchies are much better.  I’ve actually made it all the way to 11 pm watching TV without a single twitch.  On the other hand, when I do getContinue reading “Things are improving!”

Phase Homeopathic…

I spent Monday with Claudette, Ellie, Scott and Jeff (sorry Jeff if you’re a Geoff, I forgot to ask) filming with my GP, (Dr. Leigh Grant) and then driving (if you’re a nervous driver like me, having a camera in your face is NOT fun!), and then we went to see Dr. Bryce Wylde…and ofContinue reading “Phase Homeopathic…”

Okay, so I’ve got the side effects and I’m not sleeping, what’s that all about?!

In my last post, I mentioned that my gastro-intestinal tract was now behaving like that of a normal human being – however, enough all ready, how do you people stand it?  You may think it’s normal, I think it’s a nasty side-effect.  It’s very annoying to me, but I figured it was worth it asContinue reading “Okay, so I’ve got the side effects and I’m not sleeping, what’s that all about?!”

Why am I doing the RLS study

It was pointed out to me today, that I never mentioned why I’m going through this process with Dr. Bryce Wylde.  I’m a guinea pig for a new show, tentatively titled “A Series of Disagreeable Ailments” which will highlight different problems, like RLS, that are not very well known.  God knows, I wish I had heardContinue reading “Why am I doing the RLS study”