General Administrative Assistance:

  • Word processing
  • Transcriptions
  • Invoicing
    • Invoice follow up **NEW
  • Editing and Proof reading
  • Presentation preparation/fine tuning  **NEW
    • Content: create, edit
    • Graphics: source, create, edit
  • Liaise with customers
  • Assistance finding a professional for any needed services
  • Any miscellaneous support as needed

Travel Management:

  • Book Flight, Train, Hotel, Car rental
  • Early check- in options
  • Make any travel changes
  • Itinerary preparation

General office management:

  • Order supplies (business cards, office supplies etc)
  • Assist with deliveries
  • General IT assistance
  • Phone and voicemail management

Calendar and Meeting Management:

  • Accept and decline calendar invites
  • Communicate with clients/assistants to schedule or reschedule meetings
  • Meeting reminders
  • Schedule meeting preparation time
  • Schedule travel time
  • Meeting Preparation
    • Ensure you have all of the materials needed from others
    • Ensure you have created all the materials you are responsible for
  • Meeting Minutes

Data base organization and management:

  • Enter new contacts into address book or data base
  • Build custom data bases **NEW
  • Manage mailing and e-mailing lists
  • Keep personal and business separate and prioritized
  • Data entry

Email Management:

  • Draft, edit and/or proof read emails and email replies
  • Monitor inbox for incoming emails
  • Filter junk mail
  • Mail Merges, bulk mailing and blast emails

Project Management:

  • Keep track of your ongoing projects, timelines etc
  • Follow up with suppliers, contractors or employees

Business Development: **NEW

  • Website, LinkedIn, Facebook page maintenance
    • Update content to ensure your online presence stays relevant
  • Brand consistency
    • Ensure your brand is represented across all platforms
      • Online: Website, LinkedIn, Facebook
      • On paper: Business cards, stationary, contracts, invoices etc.
  • Processes
    • Create processes to fill gaps in operations
    • Implement, or adjust current processes to increase efficiency
    • Create email management system
  • Professional organization (in-person service) *More information coming soon

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