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Is it Florida or is it Rhus Tox?

Here I sit in the Sunshine State, which is finally sunny after two very cloudy and windy days, and I realize that my scalp doesn’t hurt as much as it has in the past.

Hmmm…I took my first dose of Rhus tox (poison ivy) a week ago Monday and my second dose last night (sorry, Witchy Woman Mach II, I fell asleep Monday night before taking my second dose) and was way too busy getting ready to go away to pay any attention to how my head felt.  But after 5 days in Florida, I think it feels better.  But why?  Rhus tox?  Vacation?  Florida sun, I mean wind?

Guess I won’t know for sure until I get home.

It sort of makes sense in a weird, homeopathic kind of way that something that makes you itchy after full contact (poison ivy), could be used to deal with itch in a very low homeopathic dose.  After all, I take a copper derivative (copper can cause convulsions) to deal with my restless leg syndrome.

So, while I floss my ulna nerve, stretch and pull my toes, I will also hope that the Rhus tox really is the answer.


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And the journey continues….by Liz Saunders

It’s now been 17 days since I took the B.C.  I had a meeting with Witch Keila on day 12 and she tells me that based on certain incidents over the first 12 days, it’s working.  For the record, despite my threat to Google B.C., I have restrained myself.

I mentioned in a previous post that I thought I noticed improvement in my itchy head and painful hand…fleeting, but there.  Well, apparently that’s an improvement and I can’t argue with that.


One of the most stunning things that happened was letting my brother know, after yelling at me for things I couldn’t have understood, that he was out of line.  Sounds like something so simple, doesn’t it?  But it’s not something I would have done 6 months ago…indeed, not sure I have ever done something like that in my life.  I’ve always been too worried about losing something that might be important rather than standing up for myself.   Had another similar incident on day 15 with another family member that I still can’t believe I did.

After a very stressful weekend, a condition I have flared up (not surprising) but what was extremely surprising was that it only lasted 36 hours!  Instead of a week!

So… little steps.

Then the other night, I went to bed at the usual time but at 12:30 I was awake…not because something was on my mind, not because I had to take Jaden to the bathroom but because I had full body twitchies!  Unfortunately, although Witch Keila told me I can continue to take the Calc. Phos. for arthritis pain, I am NOT allowed to take my Cuprum Metalicum for my RLS (or full body twitchies).  Oh my god, it was agony.  I tried my Mindfulness Meditation breathing, I tried putting an extra blanket on my lower legs (heat and weight).  After about 2 hours, I finally went back to sleep, so very tired the next day.  But I’m sure Witch Keila will see it as a good thing.   She should try it some day.

But if that’s part of my progress, then I guess I will just have to find a way to cope.

On another note, there must be some emotional change going on for the good.  I’ve always believed that you send out vibrations to the universe and if your vibrations are negative, good things don’t happen.  When my friend, Bob, took his life, within 6 months The Virtual Alternative was almost defunct.  I had only one client left and she was a very small but loyal client.  When I finally came out of my depression over Bob’s death, business picked up.  Lately, not only did I pick up a client from a colleague who couldn’t accommodate his needs (5 day a week phone service), then an organization that I started talking to about 2 months ago finally committed and we start working together next week, but on Saturday I got another enquiry because of a LinkedIn connection.   If this keeps up, my daughter Siobhan is also going to be very busy.

On a personal level, yesterday when I woke up, my first thought was about a situation about which I had only had negative thoughts for years and that thought was “hmmm maybe if things keep improving, this can be fixed too”.  First positive thought in …I can’t tell you how long.

Woot woot! as my daughter Olivia would say!  Oh and for the record, my scalp is starting to feel like a scalp!  Another Woot!


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I went to the Movies!!!

After my dreadful non-sleeping event in July, I spoke with Dr. B and guess what…he re-instated the full protocol of supplements and another course of Cuprum Metallica.   Apparently it may have been too soon to stop the stuff, but we had some time constraints because of filming the TV show.

Nevertheless, after returning to a full dose of supplements, that didn’t stop me from having one of the worst episodes in recent memory on the first Tuesday night in August.  So bad that I took an extra dose of Cuprum and some extra Melatonin.  The next morning when I got up my left leg was so sore, I can’t even tell you. 

However, despite my bad episode on Tuesday, Saturday was a dark and rainy day at the cottage in August and, there not being much else to do, so husband Joe and I decided to “try” to go to the movies.  You have to realize, that I have not been to the movies in many years…not successfully that is.  So off we trooped to see The Dark Knight.  I don’t know whether it was Heath Ledger’s mesmerizing performance or the Cuprum Metallica, but I never felt a thing.  My legs behaved just like a normal human being’s might.  It was great!

I spoke to Dr. B after the week and confirmed that stress could have been the trigger for the really bad episode and although I’m still on a full dose of supplements, I’ve cut out the Cuprum again.  Have to see Dr. B again in September and I guess we’ll talk about a further change then.

In the meantime, I enjoy being able to sit for somewhat extended periods of time (and things will start to ramp up again work-wise now that it’s the end of August, so that’s a good thing)!



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Phase Homeopathic…

I spent Monday with Claudette, Ellie, Scott and Jeff (sorry Jeff if you’re a Geoff, I forgot to ask) filming with my GP, (Dr. Leigh Grant) and then driving (if you’re a nervous driver like me, having a camera in your face is NOT fun!), and then we went to see Dr. Bryce Wylde…and of course, more filming.

Dr. Bryce is, of course, a veteran of TV so he’s totally cool with the whole TV experience.  In fact, he’s even better than the rest of us because he’s a veternan of live TV (if you don’t know, he now has his own show on Thursday’s at 5 pm on CP24),  rather than the re-take, re-take of not-live TV (so we had a giggle during filming).

However, on to the important stuff.  Dr. Bryce didn’t have all the test results when we started (as we’d hoped) but they came through during the filming, which was kind of cool on it’s own.  However, those results were scary.   So many result right in the middle of the “normal range” and so many WAY outside the normal range.  Dr.  Bryce was very pleased with the results…I think they backed up what he already thought…so they solidified what he wanted me to do next.

The next step is another supplment called L-Tyrosine, as well as a homeopathic substance called Cuprum Metallica 1M (Boiron).  If that doesnt work, the next trial is a derivative of ….wait for it…poison ivy!  Having accidentally sat down in poison ivy as a child (thankfully with no affect), I have some trepidation about a poison ivy derivative…but if that what it takes…I’m in!

So, we go on from here.  Oh, and for the record, the gastro-intestinal side effects are now under control.  But sleep is still problematic.  Last night wasn’t too bad…I think I woke up at 4:30, but I did go back to sleep.    And there were no twitchies Monday night.   Since then it’s been better…not so twitchy and somewhat better sleep…not all the way through the night, but better.

So, we’ll see if the Cuprum and the Tyrosine work.  I’ll keep you posted.


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