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Witchy Woman strikes again! by Liz Saunders

This week, I went to see my surgeon at Toronto East General Hospital for my 4 week check up on my restructured wrist.   I didn’t really know what I expected; I had been told I would be in my splint for 3 months so figured this was just to make sure my hand was still attached and the right colour.

When Dr. D walked into the room and took a look at my hand and arm, her mouth dropped open and she stared!  So, not knowing what was going on in her mind, I wiggled all my fingers and bent my wrist forward and backward.

She continued to stare at me agape!  When she finally collected herself she exclaimed “you are so far ahead of any of your peers, it’s quite amazing!”.  I asked what she meant and she said “when did you have your surgery, December?  No one heals this fast!”.

You can hardly see the scar already!

You can hardly see the scar already!

I had to smile and give credit where credit is due, “My naturopath prescribed Arnica 200 ch starting the night before surgery and then Arnica and Ruta [graveolens] 200 ch alternating after the surgery.  That and rubbing castor oil on my arm since the cast came off”.Dr. D’s reaction?  “Whatever it takes.  It’s still amazing.  Oh and you only need to wear your splint from now on if you’re outside and there’s a chance of a slip/fall or if your arm gets tired and you need support.”  So much for 3 months in a splint!  Woot Woot!

Thank you Witchy Woman!  CCNM


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Naturopath or Witchy Woman? by Liz Saunders

My journey continues with the CCNM but now I’m not sure whether I’m dealing with the Witchy Woman that the Eagles sang about all those years ago or not.  She definitely has black hair and today makes me wonder.

But let me digress.  I mentioned in a previous post that I wasn’t sure why I was doing the contrast showers.  Turns out that, for some reason, the contrasting temperatures act as a gentle detox – just like the castor oil packs – and my massage therapist, the wonderful Natalie, confirmed this.  I’m sort of used to them, although I missed it one day – just couldn’t face the cold water.  Nat tells me I don’t have to do really cold because it’s the contrast that counts.  I forgot to check with Witchy Woman to see if that’s true…perhaps she’ll post a comment here.

So, I’ve been going along with contrast showers, my castor oil, chia seeds, more fish oil, no strawberries and whatever else Keila has thrown at me.  The Calcarea phosphorica homeopathic has helped with the pain in my hands, somewhat, although the pain at times has been excruciating, so much so that I’ve made an appointment with the hand surgeon as a backup. 

Today just before my appointment, I heard Keila tell the patient immediately before me that if he didn’t follow her instructions, she would hound and haunt him.  At my appointment, Keila announced that it was an exciting day as she had a potential solution for me …but I’m not going to tell you what it is.  Suffice to say, it’s the name of a “beautiful colour” so I’m going to call it B.C.  The reason I won’t tell you the name, at this point, is that Keila wouldn’t tell me the whys and wherefores of choosing it, in order not to jeopardize B.C.’s efficacy (apparently, if I think I know what to expect it might affect how the B.C. works).   Keila referred to B.C. as a “deep” remedy and tells me that B.C. could have physical effects and/or mental/emotional effects…or not.

So, despite the most intense desire to Google B.C., I have not and will not.

B.C. has been ordered from Riverdale Homeopathic Clinic and will arrive tomorrow.  I must keep it away from odours, electronics, sunlight and heat until I have the opportunity to take it (if this sounds familiar – don’t tell me!!!).  This is where the Witchy Woman thing comes in:  I have to take it at twilight or early in the morning.  Seriously?  Cue Twilight Zone theme.

As a Virtual Assistant I have been asked to do some strange things:  baby-sit some legal documents in a basement, pick up and deliver a certified cheque (a courier would have been cheaper) but this twilight thing is just weird.  However, where in my business the client is always right – it is a service industry after all – in the case of Witchy Woman, I have to assume that she’s right and trust her to know what she’s doing.

Next step:  record anything that is “out of the ordinary” for me, whether by thought, word or deed.  In order to do that, I need any of you who know me, if you notice anything different, please tell me.  Then I might as well record the changes here so you can all enjoy my discomfiture.


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