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Homeopathics, Rx and Cuba – Who knew? by Liz Saunders

In preparation for our vacation, I made a trip to Riverdale Homeopathy on the Danforth to pick up some Calcarea Phorphoric.  This is the most amazing stuff that Witchy Woman suggested I take for pain relief for my arthritis.  The one thing I know about Florida is that while there’s a Dollartree, CVS, Publix, Walgreen or Winn Dixie on every corner, finding a purveyor of homeopathic remedies would be more difficult than finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

During the purchase, I said something to the young lady behind the counter about how Calc Phos is better than Tylenol 3 for my thumbs and out from a back room popped Ananda, proprietress of RH.  Turns out Ananda is putting together a documentary on the efficacy of homeopathics so we got into quite a discussion about them and my journey.

As she was very interested in what I’m doing, I mentioned that my naturopath (that’s you Witchy Woman) had specifically recommended Riverdale Homeopathy when I needed to purchase the B.C. and Ananda knew immediately that if WW was a student at CCNM, then she had to be a student of Dr. Ken L. or one other doctor.  She hit that nail squarely on the head as I see Dr. Ken every time I see WW.

When I mentioned that I was writing a blog about my B.C. experience, Ananda expressed some interest in reading it, so I gave her my The Virtual Alternative business card so she could check it out.  When we talked about what a VA could do, she mentioned that she knew of a pharmaceutical company in Cuba that might need a virtual assistant.  That’s when I told her I was also “Liz of iTMG” – one of my clients who happens to be her webmaster – and I was sure Jason would give me a reference.

So, who knows…pain relief, less itch…and a client in Cuba?


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B.C. plus 9 by Liz Saunders

B.C. or not B.C.?

B.C. or not B.C.?

You will recall that 9 days ago, at 6:20 a.m. (in accordance with Witchy Woman’s instructions) I took my dose of B.C.  I was hoping to report back on changes or experiences but there’s been little to report.

I had no idea what to expect – which is probably a good thing because I haven’t been disappointed.  So far, I have not experienced anything that I would say was relief.  At one point (maybe 3 or 4 days ago) I thought maybe, just maybe, my head wasn’t as itchy as it’s been.  But no, that was a temporary reprieve that only lasted one day.  On another day, I thought maybe, just maybe, my left thumb didn’t hurt as much…also a temporary reprieve.

Emotionally…no change…physically…no change, except for this rotten cold which I’ve managed to pass it on to my husband.  My nausea/heartburn has returned and gone, my head is itchy and my hands and feet hurt.  Oh, and I’m not feeling very creative or funny.  Good thing work lately hasn’t required creativity!  This week was mostly about sending out faxes, capturing and recording information written on the back of postcards, booking mediations and minutes of meetings.  Nothing requiring thinking or creativity.

Can’t wait to see Witchy Woman on Tuesday and say “now what?”  Oh, and Witchy, if you’re readying this – the heck with you…I’m going to Google B.C. before I see you on Tuesday!

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving!

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B.C. plus 2

Nothing much seems to be happening so far, other than I finally caught the cold that’s been chasing me all week. Not sure if no obvious change is a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s a thing.

My left thumb might not be as painful as it has been – or is it just that I haven’t banged it, over-used it, picked up anything too heavy for – just not sure. Although, you would think it might be somewhat painful after doing minutes of a condo meeting and a meeting I do regularly as The Virtual Alternative, in two days.

Still …early days.

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It’s been a while and it’s almost over…

After my really bad weekend back in May, there just hasn’t been much to report.  There have been a few bouts of twitchies, but they are definitely few and far between.  Episodes Monday and Tuesday night about two weeks ago, but they were relatively mild.  Really nothing to report.  Which is great!

Until this week of course, and that wasn’t twitchies, it was back to “oh good, it’s 3 a.m. and I’m wide awake!”  Actually, I’m splitting the difference there, Tuesday night was 3:30 a.m. and Wednesday night it was 2:30 a.m.  But there was no slipping calmly back into sleep.  It was hours of tossing and turning and getting up and walking around.  Thank god last night was okay.  Man, I really don’t want to go back to no sleep, that would be cruel and unusual punishment.

So here it is, Friday the 4th of July (Happy Independence Day for our American friends), the project comes to an end next Wednesday with an day of filming and my last visit with Dr. Bryce and I’m worried.  During this project, I’ve been taking numerous supplements (see previous posts) as well as things like Liquid Melatonin.  Fortunately the melatonin isn’t expensive but the supplements are, so when the TV show stops paying for them, I stop taking them.   Naturally, I have concerns that I’m going to go right back to where I started: sleepless nights, uncontrollable legs.  My gastro-intestinal system has long since settled back into it’s old routine, and that’s while still on the supplements so what the heck will happen without them?

Good questions for Dr. Bryce next week.


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End of the first 5 days on the new supplements and I can sleep!

For those of you who’ve never had any trouble sleeping, this won’t mean much to you, but I CAN SLEEP! 

I started the new supplements on Monday.  Here they are (except for the NutraSea which I started 2 weeks ago)

  The new supplements

A friend of mine who’s a sequential homeopath told me, simplistically, they were to balance my neuro-transmitters, balance my mood and sleep, assist with blood flow and muscle efficiency, reduce cramping and reduce stress (probably something else I’ve missed).  Well, I woke up Tuesday morning and thought…”hmmm…I don’t remember last night”.  Woke up Wednesday morning and thought “wow, I don’t remember anything about last night”. 

I couldn’t believe it!  2 nights in a row.  For me that was completely unbelievable.  And I felt rested.  Woke up without the alarm. 

Wednesday night, not quite so good probably because I had to get up early for a networking breakfast and I always worry about over sleeping (I know, I know, that sounds ridiculous).  Thursday night we had grandson, Jaden, who came in at about 4:30 and whispered “Grandma….grandma…”  I was aware of him, but I was just so peaceful I couldn’t move, and it didn’t sound urgent.  (Turned out he’d had an accident, but when I didn’t move, he went back to his room, changed his pj bottoms and slept on a different part of the bed.) 

Unfortunately, sleep-wise, I sort of hovered after that.  Not really getting back into a deep sleep, but I think getting rest.   Last night, another night like Monday and Tuesday…no memory of the night at all.

Now this sleeping thing is pretty fantastic all by itself.  I don’t feel as frazzled as I used to, I don’t feel like I’m running on adrenaline or caffeine (which I don’t use anyway).  But here’s the really fantastic piece of this:  I’ve only had one bout of twitchies all week and that was last night at about 9:45-10 pm!  I never make it that late!  Never!  And when Joe and I talked about it, we realized that I hadn’t had any other twitchies all week!  It’s truly a miracle.

There is one side effect that has to be as a result of the supplements, that I’m finding rather unpleasant.  They seem to be forcing my gastro-intestinal system to behave like a normal human being – how do you people stand it?

Otherwise, I guess trying to keep all the new supplements figured out in terms of timing, is well worth it. 



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