“Liz is a superb editor. She has a great eye for both small grammar and spelling issues and larger style and consistency questions. I would trust her with my writing any time.” G.O. Writer and Editor, Toronto 2019

“As a bookkeeper who works with many clients and many virtual assistants supporting those clients, I’m always very happy when the assistant is as lovely to deal with as Liz. I’m very lucky to deal with her for 2 different clients, and she makes my life a lot easier. Liz is very responsive to my needs and is a liaison who values not only her client but people like me who need to work efficiently with the client as well. This provides great value to our client as well as to me as the bookkeeper. I can always count on her to do the work meticulously, in a timely manner, and with a helpful smile in her voice, and she is very helpful whenever I need anything. And the clients are comfortable that she can manage external relationships with professionalism and integrity as an extension of the clients’ businesses. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a virtual assistant.”

Jacquie Manore,
Owner, Workload Solution Services Inc 

“You are a true leader that made reorganization smooth. Your strong sense of organization and personal work relationships will truly be missed. You were the glue that held all the parts, and us, together.” P.C. Engineer – Ontario 2019

“Liz is that rare person who goes the extra mile for you. Not only is she efficient, accurate, and great on those little details, but she also will come through for you when you need that “document desperately” or whatever urgent matter arises. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants their business to flow more efficiently.”

Louisa Nedkov, solosessions.com womeninahomeoffice.com

“I travel worldwide for business and need an assistant who not only looks after the important stuff, but looks after the very important stuff for me while I am away. I know I can rely on Liz totally to keep critical aspects of my business in good shape while I’m abroad looking after my clients critical needs. I trust her implicitly and recommend her to you for your most important tasks.”

Mark Bowden
International Communication Trainer, President

“Thanks for your help. Although it created work while I was away, it also removed stress that I would have had, not to mention a ridiculously high phone bill. You’ve got a permanent position when I travel!!!!”

Howard Colt,
Gone Sailing Adventures
Colt Valuations

“Liz is detail oriented, dependable and hardworking. She’s worked on a couple of rush projects for me and definitely comes through in a pinch.”

Eleanor Lancefield

“Sharp, quick, business-like. Liz Saunders gets things done and does them well.”

Doug Flanders,
Foster Parents Plan

“Liz has been a tremendous help to me personally and in my business.  She understands what is required and takes the initiative to do whatever it takes to complete a project.”

Daniel Ho,

“Thank you – you saved me my sanity this week.”


“(Liz) is super organized, efficient and speedy, great with people, very skilled, and tons of fun.”

Barbara Symmons, M.Ed.,

“Liz has the energy to do the necessary paperwork to keep my business running and helped free me to do what I do best and enjoy the most! She is an essential step in growing my business beyond a one man operation. Thank you, Liz! “

Bruce Ing
PC Ing

“Although I’ve never personally retained Liz, I am volunteering this testimonial for her anyway. I have seen Liz in action, setting up events before the host (her client) arrives, wrapping up live events when the host (her client) has to dash off to her next gig, putting up with demanding speakers who need this this way and that that way (me), leaving no stone unturned until every attendee who is bugging her for stuff (me) gets what she asks for… What more could one want in a virtual assistant?That phrase is hardly adequate to describe her many functions and talents.”


Author, Step Into The Spotight

VAs In The News

“It’s the latest twist on outsourcing: Small businesses are starting to get help from virtual services camped out on the cyber-frontier.”

– Business Week

“Virtual assistants offer several advantages over temporary or part-time workers. Beyond the obvious–no payroll taxes, no workers’ comp, no temp-agency commission–virtual assistants tend to be more cost-efficient, charging by the hour…. The pay arrangement, plus the distance, tends to clarify the relationship, making it less of a management challenge.”

Inc. Magazine

“Hiring a V.A. can make a small company seem larger or help a self-employed person appear to have a staff…. ‘When a client’s customers see that they have an assistant, it lends a certain legitimacy to their business in the minds of others.'”

Click here to read full article


“The internet and other new technologies have changed the way many of us work and the titles of our jobs. So, instead of the secretary, meet the virtual assistant.”

BBC News

“Overworked? Try a virtual assistant.”

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