Virtual Business Services

Development & Management

  • Virtual Conference and Workshop Support*
  • Operational Processes*
  • Email, calendar and staffing processes
  • Professional organization
  • Business Strategy*
  • Social Media
  • Brand consistency (electronic and print platforms)
  • Project management
    • Establish and manage project processes
    • Communicate with key stakeholders
    • Update project documentation
  • Website redesign or maintenance*

*More information below

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Virtual Conference and Workshop Support:

Times are changing and the shift to interactive virtual options is now essential! Do you need help navigating the online platforms? We can:

  • Select the correct conferencing platform
  • Produce your online interactive sessions
  • Provide technical support

Website redesign or maintenance:

  • Website content and graphics
    • Streamline content to ensure clear messaging
    • Create new website content and graphics
  • Update text and graphics as needed
  • Create new website

Operational Process Development & Management:

Mountain of paper work? behind on your bookkeeping? List of customers to call and schedule? Why just survive the day-to-day when you could thrive! We can help you manage your time, employees and resources more efficiently by implementing some simple systems and processes.

  • Create and implement processes to increase efficiency
  • Create systems and databases to streamline information
  • Manage existing systems and databases
  • Integrate new systems and tools

Business Strategy:

Website, Social Media, Staffing, Materials, Marketing, Customer Service… Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you! We work with you to create, plan, schedule and implement the right business strategy for you!

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Have a quick one time task you just don’t have time for this month?
Pay as you go with our hourly pricing.
Rates vary from $50/hour to $75/hour based on required service.

*Minimum of 1 hour will be charged in a one month period

Project Pricing

Whether you need a contact database created, your website redesigned, a social media plan or a YouTube video created,
our project pricing is perfect for you!
No project is too big or too small.

*Project pricing based on hours and resources required

Monthly Packages

Beginner Administration package: $550
*Includes 10 hours/month
Moderate Administration package: $1325
*Includes 25 hours/month
Beginner Management package: $650
*Includes 10 hours/month

*Administration & Management packages available. Larger packages available.

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